About us

As Independent Financial Consultants, we provide unbiased advice and give you access to the world’s top investment management groups. Our Consultants offer a wealth of experience in providing the full spectrum of financial advice. By focusing on your specific needs and situation, we tailor plans to reach your financial goals while maximizing the benefits of international investing.To begin your journey towards total financial security, you are invited to meet with one of our Consultants to understand our financial planning approach and why our clients become loyal and long-term partners. We are committed to long-term partnerships and understand we would be as invested in your future, as you would be in ours.

Our Journey

Trust was a core value from the early days of our business, resulting in the long-term relationships that have become the foundation of The Austen Morris Associates Group of Companies today.

Greg Morris and co-founder Austen Hempstead founded Austen Morris Associates in Dubai in 1994.
By 1999 China was ready for professional services and Greg moved the team to open its first mainland office as a legitimate WFOE: Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise in 2003.
In July 2013, the Austen Morris Associates Africa office was opened in South Africa, a highly regulated market which moved Austen Morris Associates into new opportunities.
In 2016 launch of AMA’s Consultant Equity Release Program, CERP.
In 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic sped up the plans to innovate how we engaged with our clients with the launch of a refreshed website and mobile App.
The AMA Group of Companies celebrates 29 years of referral based growth.
The company expanded its headquarters to the more stable and regulated Singapore in 1997.
By 2008 there were offices in Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. We became one of the most service oriented Financial Service Companies in Asia with thousands of clients investing from over 50 countries worldwide.
In 2014 rebranding of AMA to represent the future vision which coincided with our 20 Year Anniversary
AMA Philippines gained additional licensing to register as an Insurance Agent within the Philippines to further expand AMA’s Personal and Corporate Healthcare Client options.
Greg and James Colclough, managing senior partner established additional companies and licences: AMA International, AMA North America, AMA Mauritius and AMA Europe.

Founding Senior Partner

Greg Morris

Greg Morris is one of the most respected leaders in financial services across Asia and Africa.

Greg is well known in the financial services industry for his innovative and sustainable business practices, which have spanned over 2 decades with Austen Morris Associates.

His passion for entrepreneurship and desire to better the communities in which he lives and works has seen Austen Morris Associates partner with many NGOs and Charities, positively influencing the lives of many in need.

As Founding Senior Partner, Greg has grown Austen Morris Associates from a small consultancy into an internationally successful and respected financial services group. During this time, he has helped many clients achieve financial security and been a role model for hundreds of aspiring consultants and business leaders alike.

Our Leadership Team

Greg Morris

Founding Senior Partner

James Colclough

Senior Partner

Alan Copley

Managing Director Austen Morris Associates Europe

Phil Morris

Director (AMA Africa) & CEO (AMA International)

Kirk McArdle

Associate Partner & Regional Manager: Africa

Stewart Dando

CIO AMA International & Key Individual AMA Africa

Westley Van Rooijen

Co-Founding Partner: AMA Healthcare RSA and Key Individual: AMA Africa

Kelly Olver

Client Services Manager

Kerry-Ann Love

Global Head of HR & Marketing

Candice Yao

Executive Assistant To Phil Morris

Anu Aggarwal

Head of Global Recruitment & Operations

Our Team

Alan Vassallo


Ted Shen

Senior Consultant

Robert King

New Business Development Manager

Ethel Villapando

Senior Private Health Insurance Specialist

Michael Wright

Business Development Consultant

Casparus Du Toit

Business Development Consultant

Darius Brits

Business Development Consultant

Trace Pfortner

Business Development Consultant

Jennifer Morris

Head of Administration

Melinda Zheng

Executive Assistant to Greg Morris

Billie Jin

Executive Assistant to James Colclough

Dino Wang

Executive Assistant to Nick Pitro

Nina Bao

Executive Assistant to Alan Vassallo

Joy Zhang

Senior administrator

Carmela Crisostomo

Claims Administrator

Cherry Vi

Client Services Manager

Ann Juan

Client Services Administrator

Cloris Huang

Executive Assistant to Jon Holand

April Eusebio

Head of Wealth Management

Kathleen Portuguez

Healthcare Administrator

Vivian Yu


Chimanay Petersen

Senior Administrator

Whitney Kgopane

Personal Assistant to Warwick Hamilton

Annabelle Sookramanien

Client Services Consultant

Treschia Tourneir

Customer Services Consultant

Alice Chung

Policy Services Consultant

Portia Mbokane

Accounting Supervisor & Administrative Assistant