Our Approach

As Independent Financial Advisors, we provide unbiased advice and give you access to the world’s top investment management groups.

By focusing on your specific needs and situation, we tailor plans to reach your financial goals while maximizing the benefits of international investing. To begin your journey towards total financial security, you are invited to meet with one of our Advisors to understand our financial planning approach and why our clients become loyal and long-term partners.

First Consultation
Personalised Proposal
Second Consultation
Long-term Partnership and Ongoing Reviews

First Consultation: Introduction and Fact Finding

1.Fact Find

You will receive an Online Fact Find which will help capture your personal and financial information. This information will help provide your advisor with a better understanding of your current position, your goals and objectives. 

2.Risk Assessment

You will receive an Online Oxford Risk Questionnaire UK in order to understand your current appetite and tolerance of investment risk and overall investment experience to date.

3.Review your current investment statements

Personalised Proposal Drafted

After understanding every financial and non-financial asset in your life, we create a personalized wealth management plan that will form part of the journey toward your financial goals.

Second Consultation: Review Bespoke Financial Plan and Agree Way Forward

A second obligation-free consultation will be scheduled to review your personalised proposal and to answer any questions you or your partner may have regarding the recommended plan. Once the plan is agreed the relevant documents will be signed and the long-term partnership will be formed.

If for any reason additional information is required or your circumstances change, we will arrange to meet again until your new needs are satisfied. 

With your dedicated AMA advisor, we will constantly monitor the progress towards the achievement of your goals and inform you of any new financial opportunities. You will have access to the details of your investment/s and a quarterly review through our Online Wealth Management Service (Investor Portal).


Long-term Partnership and Ongoing Reviews

Request a first Consultation – One of our advisors will contact you to schedule a suitable time.