To ensure that you have the most effective retirement plan possible, learn about the benefits of EURBS and how transferring your pension can advantageously contribute to your future prosperity. There are options available to you to ensure that your pension is secure and yielding growth. Through the European Union Retirement Benefits Scheme (EURBS), most European citizens living overseas may transfer their accumulated pension savings into a more tax-efficient jurisdiction.

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Since everyone’s financial situation is different, we always recommend that you meet one-on-one with an Austen Morris Associates Consultant to discuss the most suitable path for you.

According to recent studies, over 2.2 million emigrants have left Europe in the last two years alone, looking to invest their employment and future aspirations abroad, and this figure is only going to increase over time. This trend is due to the ongoing economic instability faced by many European nations and consequently, the potential for people to create a better future abroad.

With the European economy becoming increasingly unstable, working abroad presents many significant advantages, and it may soon become the only option for some who want to invest in a specific area or provide themselves more constant and diverse growth.