Direct International Property Investments

Our Property Division provides investors with more options to diversify their financial portfolios. This service is designed to complement our existing investment options and products, such as regular savings plans and lump sum investments.

Why invest in property?

Property investments are a tangible investment class and operate differently than a real estate agency. The property investments offered are chosen based on research and the financials. Our service is designed to generate wealth for our clients by acquiring the properties below market value, generating rental yields to offset the mortgage costs, capital appreciation, tax incentives and currency advantages. The four types of property investments are off-plan, completed, land banking and equity investments.

There are 4 types of property investments:

We perform due diligence on all of our property partners to protect our investors. Our property offerings range from low risk to high risk based on market location, political stability, and economic fundamentals such as GDP. With a variety of property offerings, we can match the goals and tastes of all investors.