Estate Planning and Trust Structure

At AMA we ensure the most cost-effective protection of your estate assets to ensure a smooth transfer of wealth to your beneficiaries.

Estate planning is much more than simply drafting a final will and testament. It considers your circumstances and appropriate asset holding vehicles to ensure your wealth is not eroded by death taxes and to ensure there is a smooth transition of your wealth when yo u are no longer around. As such, estate planning aims to ensure that, upon your death, the costs of your estate such as taxes and othe r expenses are minimised as far as possible, that your estate is liquid enough to settle such costs, that your loved ones have enough liquidity to provide for their needs, and that any complications which may arise are prevented. Estate planning is not a once-off exercise and should be done throughout every change in your life.

Do you require an offshore will? A local will may not be sufficient to cater for worldwide assets. Contact us for local and international estate planning advice.

Trusts are commonly used by families for estate planning purposes as it serves as a vehicle in which assets can be managed fo r the benefit of family members for generations to come. 

Is your trust deed up to date? Contact us for advice on the formation of local and offshore trusts.