Austen Morris Associates Global & Strategic Partners, AMA Africa UK Business Convention 2019

Austen Morris Associates Global, with it’s strategic partner company AMA Africa, recently had the privilege of joining Senior Consultants and key individuals of both companies with their wives and partners on an exciting, activity filled, 4 day business convention to London.
The teams along with their partners were jetted off to London from both Shanghai and Johannesburg, where they stayed at the prestigious 5-star Savoy Hotel. The Savoy has a great heritage and a history that goes back decades, and the individual teams followed in the footsteps of Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Christian Dior, to name but just a few of the historic guests that have stayed at this unbelievable property. Everybody was personally greeted and escorted to their suites for a seamless, personalized check-in experience.

During the convention both companies were hosted by Quilter Cheviot at their Mayfair office spending some time with our institutional partners, strategically planning for 2019, whilst the wives and partners enjoyed the famous high tea offering at yet another historic hotel being “The Ritz”. The highlight of this day was a sunset champagne toast to all that 2019 has in store for both companies, held in a private capsule on the famous London Eye, followed by fine dining on the premises of the “Shard” in one of the most renowned restaurants in London, “The Oblix”.
Over the following 3 days further business meetings were held between all the companies and their business partners to further secure the well being of the global clients that Austen Morris Associates Global serve and also all the African based clients that AMA Africa serve. During this time the wives/partners enjoyed a shopping spree at the famous Harrods department store in Knightsbridge, a West End show, river cruises and finally a Black-tie send-off event at the world famous Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill, where we were joined by RL360’s David Kneeshaw and Simon Pack.
Leading into 2019 and beyond, both Austen Morris Associates Global and AMA Africa aim to grow our individual investment and product offerings to maintain the understanding that both companies are the Financial advisory companies of choice in the Asian, African, European and North American continents, providing the most extensive value proposition. Thank you to our clients, strategic partners and of course each and every individual within the companies for your hard work and loyalty, we value you immensely and look forward to hosting many more of these business conventions in future.

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