AMA China host Investment Insight Session

On Tuesday 16 April 2019 Austen Morris Associates Global partnered with Acorn International Fund Distribution to host another informative Investment Insight Session at their offices in the prestigious China Overseas Center in Shanghai, the topic, Equities…Where Next?

On arrival and upon registration our guests were guided to a private lounge area where they enjoyed a light buffet and selection of drinks. Following on, our guests headed to the conference Theater where Senior Partner, William Coppin introduced himself and provided a brief overview of AMA and our 25-year history, touching on the products and services we offer and how we add value to our clients with regards to their personal savings and investment goals for the future.
The Keynote speaker for the event was Joe Palmer, Director at Acorn International Fund  Distribution. In 2008 Joe entered the world of Financial Services, where he joined a UK based Asset Management Company within 5 years Joe was promoted to Head of UK sales and then Head of Global Sales and Strategic Partners. Joe co-founded Acorn International Fund Distribution in 2014 to have the opportunity to be selective about the number and the nature of the asset managers he works with, this experience made him the ideal speaker for our session.
Joe provided our guests with insight into the current state of the Global Equities Market, discussing the longest-running bull market, highlighting factors at play. The Central Banks solution to the financial crisis in 2008, lowering interest rates around the world and how this has impacted the growth on investments and investment portfolios, versus traditional savings that people held solely in bank savings accounts. Other talking points for this session was looking at possible catalysts for a market correction, brief discussions on China’s slowing economy, interest rate hikes in the US and Europe, the ongoing trade war between China and the US as well as looking at the possible outcomes surrounding BREXIT and how this could impact the economy both in the short and longer-term.

Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the event and we look forward to hosting more Investment Insight Sessions this year.

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