Sheena Van Rooijen

Sheena Van Rooijen

Sheena Van Rooijen 300 300 AMA Team

Sheena joined the Austen Morris Associates in February 2014 and worked her way up over 11 months to Business Development Manager.

She works with our prospective  clients through phone calls and networking, which helps the company build their prospective client base, her primary role is finding people who will benefit from the products and services that AMA offers.

Sheena is a highly motivated Business Development Manager with a keen desire to achieve and succeed with, and for,  those around her. She has almost 20 years of sales experience under her belt and thrives in this type of environment.

Sheena is a driven, adaptable, resilient and determined Manager, eager to work with and develop high-performance teams. She is passionate about motivating her teams to achieve the highest levels and looks beyond the mundane and obvious solutions when addressing challenges as well as when identifying new opportunities.

Sheena interacts with all of our prospective clients in a professional, well-mannered way while still listening attentively to their needs. Ensuring all appointment details are correctly marked down to make life easier for  both our clients as well as our Consultants, following up accordingly when needed and ensuring that these prospective clients are correctly qualified, is a key factor in facilitating ongoing growth for AMA.

Sheena is originally from Cambridge in the UK, she now lives in Johannesburg with her husband Westley and daughter Poppy.