Portfolio Management Transfer

Portfolio Management Transfer

If you hold a current offshore investment that is not being actively managed, Austen Morris Associates have the resources, time, skill and experience to deliver the level of service and investment growth that you deserve.

Why Choose Us? Unprecedented Service. Higher Investment Growth.

The choice is simple. Through our dedicated Wealth Management Team, we can deliver an unprecedented level of service to each and every client that has employed the services of our company.

Our experience is that many offshore investment clients are simply not receiving recommendations or service from their original financial adviser or the company they originally took advice from, simply because contact has been lost. By having a dedicated Wealth Management team and an individual consultant within that team to cater to your needs, it has been proven that this dictates higher investment returns for our individual and corporate clients. Having managed the client’s investments for over two decades, we know that active management and greater service levels will equal higher investment returns.

Five Easy Steps to Transfer Your Offshore Investment

Contact us directly by filling in your details on the ‘Contact Us page.

Confirm Transfer: The transfer can be done immediately and easily over the phone or via skype. There is no charge from your product provider for transferring the management of your portfolio.

Sign Letter: We will send one letter to the product provider that administers your offshore investment, which will require your signature.

Start Service: Your investment will be transferred to Austen Morris Associates once your product provider receives the letter, this will trigger our Wealth Management Service, and your personal consultant will contact you directly to begin managing your portfolio.

Regular Service: You will begin to receive all our services within the following calendar quarter, including a personal login to the Wealth Management Service, regular contact from your dedicated client services manager, recommendations quarterly.

Features of Transferring Your Offshore Investment

You will be given a dedicated Consultant within the Wealth Management Team
Regular portfolio recommendations delivered through your online client-friendly interface
Daily investment valuations
Online access to investment information 24 hours a day
Graphical fund performance
Alerts, stop-loss or profit-take
All assets on one system (investments in-house and out-house)
Customized portfolio recommendations
Automated system for delivering and accepting portfolio recommendations
Easy to use client interface

Portfolio Rescue

If you hold a current offshore investment that is underperforming or unaligned with your financial goals, we are here to help turn things around. Austen Morris Associates have the resources, time, skills and experience to assist with Portfolio Rescue. We will assess your current holdings, transfer the management of the portfolio and provide you with restructuring options, delivering the level of service and investment growth that you deserve.

What is the cost to employ Austen Morris Associates?

A flat fee of 1% of funds under management will be deducted from your investment on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on the product provider that administers your investment vehicle.

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