The Giving Tree Beneficiaries Send Messages of Appreciation

Austen Morris Associates participated in Community Center Shanghai’s Giving Tree Program. We got the unique opportunity to visit a rural school in Pinghu, Zhejiang, to deliver gifts for the holidays. Please see the message from The Giving Tree Director below.
Dear Giving Tree Angels,
Thank you for you ongoing support to the migrant children of china, last year we successfully distributed 10, 624 giving tree bags to children in Shanghai and Zhe Jiang Province.
We went above and beyond our original goal and saw many improvements though out the year, especially in relation to bag quality and donor support.
I thought you might like to see a couple of translated letters written by a couple of recipient students that we recently received.
Dear Volunteer:
How are you. I am Xie Zishuo of Jiaxing New People School, class 1 grade 2. I love all gifts you gave me, it was the happiest day that you came to our school. When you distributed the bags to us, I felt very warm in my heart, and felt love without any boundary. You just like my relatives brought happiness and love to us, all of you will be memorized in my mind.
Are you going well? How’s your school, is it beautiful? Can we meet again? Wish you a Happy New Year! And wish you like my letter to you.
Dear Uncles and Aunts:
I am Zhang Jie from Jiaxing New People School Grade 2 Class 2. I was very happy you visited our school and brought many gifts to us, we are very much like them. I thought you must had gone out of the way to purchase these gifts, as every piece of them are all quite fit to our needs, everyone of us smiled a lot while playing with toys. But I cannot quite understand why you send gifts to kids you don’t know, maybe when I grow up I will understand. Thanks again for all your love, I will help strangers in future just like you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dear Giving Tree:
Thanks for all pretty gifts you gave me, I love them very much. All you uncles and aunts just like the sun in winter, bring a lot warm to us in such cold season. When I grow up, I will help other children in need, just like you, pass the love to more people. Grade 4 Class 1 Shen Junyan
The distribution ceremonies all went exceptionally and we all did our best as we battled the unexpected bad air quality and the difficulties associated with numerous donors at each ceremony. We undertook our biggest distribution to date of 1500 students in one ceremony and survived! Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked under the often difficult conditions.
Learning lots we are moving forward into 2014, we have already started the initial phases of locating our migrant schools for this coming year, we are very pleased so far to find a couple of little pockets of schools in Shanghai that we hope to offer to you along side some other schools in Zhe Jiang and Suzhou.
Warmest regards,
Renee Hauff,
Giving Tree Director, Community Center Shanghai
To learn more about The Giving Tree project and view the photo album click here


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