Greg Morris

Founding Senior Partner

Alan Vassallo


Alan Copley

Managing Director Austen Morris Associates Europe

Ted Shen

Senior Consultant

James Colclough

Senior Partner

Robert King

New Business Development Manager

Phil Morris

Director (AMA Africa) & CEO (AMA International)

Kirk McArdle

Associate Partner & Regional Manager: Africa

Stewart Dando

CIO AMA International & Key Individual AMA Africa

Westley Van Rooijen

Co-Founding Partner: AMA Healthcare RSA and Key Individual: AMA Africa

Kelly Olver

Client Services Manager

Kerry-Ann Love

Global Head of HR & Marketing

Candice Yao

Executive Assistant To Phil Morris

Anu Aggarwal

Head of Global Recruitment & Operations

Ethel Villapando

Senior Private Health Insurance Specialist

Michael Wright

Business Development Consultant

Casparus Du Toit

Business Development Consultant

Darius Brits

Business Development Consultant

Trace Pfortner

Business Development Consultant

Matthew Stransky

Business Development Consultant

Jennifer Morris

Head of Administration

Melinda Zheng

Executive Assistant to Greg Morris

Jocelyn Shou

Executive Assistant to Jon Holand

Billie Jin

Executive Assistant to James Colclough

Dino Wang

Executive Assistant to Nick Pitro

Nina Bao

Executive Assistant to Alan Vassallo

Joy Zhang

Senior administrator

Dominique Nevin

Personal Assistant to Ben Nevin

Cherry Vi

Client Services Manager

Ann Juan

Client Services Administrator

Cloris Huang

Client Support Representative

April Eusebio

Head of Wealth Management

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