Zee Mkhize

Zee Mkhize

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Born and bred in Johannesburg, Zinhle, or Zee, loves her city and is a great explorer of it, as well as enjoying travel. Meaning beautiful in African, Zinhle prides herself on her appearance and amongst family, is known as the ball of energy; which stems from her forever lively personality.

Her vibrant, outgoing and artistic personality shines through in her personal and professional life. She enjoys cultural activities which include drama, public speaking, national debates and more.

Being an extrovert, Zee then took her love and passion for people by completing a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences. This study provided her with necessary knowledge and intellectual skills, which she is eager to transfer into occupational and professional skills, particularly in her role at Austen Morris Associates as Administrative Assistant.

Zee’s goal is to further her studies by pursuing an Honours Degree in one of her majors; Economic Geography or Development Studies. She believes the world is your oyster and is determined to maximise the opportunities available to her.

Easily adapting to any given situation, Zee also enjoys good music, laughter, being around great people, and books. Her favourite author is Shakespeare but being a believer in faith, she also uses her downtime to study the bible, draw, or meditate.