Richard Hornsey

Richard Hornsey

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After Completing School I was unsure about what I wanted to do and what to further study. Consequently I decided to head to the UK to work in a family owned business as an understudy to my Uncle the Managing Partner. This exposure to the business world sparked a keen interest  in helping me make the decision to take up a business related studies.

Following my return to South Africa I started a BCom degree in strategic management once completed then decided to continue with  post graduate honours in business management. Upon successful completion I am keen to grow my knowledge and experience in the business world and excited to be part of this international team at Austen Morris Associates.

 When not in the office or researching its highly likely I will be out riding the bike exploring South Africa, since I am an avid cyclist riding both mountain bikes, road bikes as well as doing unsupported bike touring.  I believe that teamwork makes the dream work and thus am always ready to work with new people, learn and adapt to new situations. 

My motto for life: Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing, Moderation is for cowards.