Nick Pitro

Nick Pitro

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Nick has had an extensive professional consulting career, spanning 15 years. His education background includes a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, necessary financial regulatory exams including RE5 as well as NQF to Level 5 and is also in the process of completing his Chartered Financial Planning degree.  He lives by the motto of “Being motivated by the fear of being average” and strives to filter this into all areas of his life, including work, family, client interactions and personal passions. Values that are at his core include mutual respect, integrity and “treating every day as if it was his last”. Nick is a true South African, as such exudes the passion and love that is synonymous with the people of his beloved country.

Having lived in Johannesburg all his life, Nick embraces diversity and understands that inherently people work with people they trust. Relationship building is, therefore, key to his ethos and success. Nick’s personal life is kept occupied as an avid wildlife photographer, a sports fan, time spent with family and being a devoted husband and father.

Professional achievements

  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree
  • Higher Certification in Wealth Management – Level 5
  • RE5 Compliant
  • FICA Awareness Certification
  • Top Sales Performer 8 years running (2006 – 2013)
  • PSS Course 2005 (Professional Selling Skills)

Personal achievements

  • At the age of 27 Head of Sales for a 15 man strong professional sales team
  • Co-chair of the Leopard Identification Project
  • Regional Head for one of South Africa’s top global advisory firms
  • Avid amateur wildlife photographer

Professional References:

“Nick has been as efficient as he has been pleasant to deal with: always keeping me informed; proactively driving what is an inherently slow process; helping (well beyond the service I could have expected of him); always responding promptly and comprehensively to queries I raised. He also struck a professional balance between clearly and competently promoting his business’ interests (e.g. in terms of prospective investment vehicles and products) and remaining objective in relation to my preferences. Overall, it has been a pleasure dealing with Nick, and I commend you for ensuring such high levels of service to your customers.~Paul Zille, Economist.

I almost invariably quickly end a cold call with ‘not interested’, but something in that December 2015 call from Nick’s P.A intrigued me enough to accept a meeting with him. I’m glad that I did. I met with Nick and was immediately impressed with his energetic yet non-pushy style. He asked many questions and listened to my vague answers regarding my, then, current investments. Up to that point, my portfolio was several investments spread over several companies and financial advisors. Nick offered to sort out my portfolio. I agreed and have never regretted my decision. When Nick moved to AMA in 2017 it was a no brainer decision to continue with him. I took early retirement in 2018 and moved to the UK, Nick has continued to be my financial advisor and he keeps me informed and makes recommendations about my portfolio using WhatsApp chats and emails – Gary Silverwood-Client

AUSTEN MORRIS ASSOCIATES – A CLIENT PERSPECTIVE –  April 2020. “I have been associated with, and a client of, AMA for some time now and it is incumbent upon me professionally at this time to record my experiences and levels of appreciation to the organisation as a body and the consultants in particular. AMA as an organisation is to be commended for its expertise, ethics, creed and its impeccable professional standards of service to its clients. While positioning its products and services with an international investment focus it remains acutely abreast, informed and updated on local conditions and the constraints, restrictions and opportunities for local citizens and resident ex-pats. AMA’s impressive and comprehensive array of products and services are underpinned by, et al:

  • Local seminars on topical subjects and the facilitation of peer group networking,
  • strategic partnerships and alliances with blue-chip added value businesses,
  • Continuous updating of products and services,
  • Continuous negotiations with partners to improve offerings and reduce costs for clients,
  • Regular (weekly) and quarterly communications with clients, for dipstick monitoring and formal reviews,
  • Use of state of the art technologies and platforms for self-help, 24/7 real-time updates and improved effectiveness of operations…..

Truly an organisation that has managed to get it right. I would particularly wish to place on record my experiences with, and commendations for, Nick Pitro, Senior Consultant at AMA South Africa. Nick not only epitomises the values and performance of the organisation but exceeds even the highest expectations and standards of AMA professional service, as he extends his own added value into the realms of personalised offerings and personal requirements. Nick’s knowledge, expertise, relationship management and dedication is a shining light in the services profession. Not only does he go the extra mile with the AMA products and services, but he advises on additional personal needs of clients. Not only does he refer clients to strategic partners’ offerings, but attends client meetings with the referrals, and subsequently follows up on their performance. A remarkable and dedicated personal commitment and very reassuring to clients at all times. Nick has been instrumental in improving and adding value to AMA’s core business to the benefit of clients, and for that as well, he is to be recognised and commended. A remarkable services organisation and an exceptional professional consultant. Well done. – John H Helmand – Executive Business Consulting services since becoming a client of Austin Morris I have felt confident that my pension and investments are being handled professionally and with my interests to the fore. I did not have this experience with my former financial advisors. I have found Nick to be knowledgeable and approachable. He is always available to answer any questions I have and keeps me updated on any changes. I am completely happy with the service that I have received from Nick and the team at Austin Morris and even though I have now moved overseas I have asked Nick to continue as my advisor. – Jayne Barlow – Client

“I am pleased to provide a reference for Nick Pitro, the Senior Consultant at Austen Morris Associates. Two years ago Nick was recommended as we were not satisfied with the advice and service we were receiving from our Investment Advisor that we had been using for 15 plus years. Nick came to see us and I only wish that I had had the pleasure of his service and expertise years and years earlier. Nick took over our investments and proceeded to transfer our investments to a new platform, disinvest and reinvest with a minimum of inconvenience. He managed this process and saved us having to pay CGT on transferring to new investments. We are extremely happy with the way he handled this process. We also found that Austen Morris’s fee structure is very low. We were paying much higher fees to our previous advisor. We have found Nick, to be honest, considerate and extremely knowledgeable. He is also easy to interact with and extremely patient with our many, many questions and communicated well, putting us at ease. I would highly recommend Nick Pitro and Austen Morris to any prospective clients”.


“In our new business process, we are rigorous in terms of the advisory organizations that we wish to undertake business with.  We consider AMA to be the leading advisory group in South Africa and China, driven by individuals, who have outstanding attention to detail and a real passion for delivering positive client outcomes.  In an industry, which has become increasingly fragmented, the level of stability and professionalism within their senior team makes it easy for us to deal with, in an ever-changing international pensions landscape.  We have always found AMA’s team to be at the forefront of adapting to these changes.” 

Stewart DaviesCEO for Momentum Pensions