Michelle Hill

Michelle Hill

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Michelle joined AMA in August 2013 as Executive Assistant to the Africa Regional Manager, since then she has successfully taken on many different roles within the firm and has played an integral part in the development of the AMA Africa offices and teams.

As we continue to grow and develop the presence of the Austen Morris Associates business and brand across the world, Senior Management believed that Michelle would be the perfect candidate to take on the position, as our Head of Marketing. Michelle brings the necessary experience in sales, technology, event creation, social media marketing, brand creation and management, coupling this with a deep understanding of AMA’s business practices, internal workings and client relationships – important skills gained through years of experience working with AMA.

Michelle holds a qualification in Media & Broadcast, has successfully completed her RE5 regulatory exams and is currently finalising her 2nd tertiary qualification, a Bachelors degree in Economics. As Head of Marketing, she will be adding her expertise to our communication and interaction with our existing and prospective clients, whilst enhancing our customer service and increasing our online and digital presence in this ever evolving, interconnected, internet-driven world.

In her personal life, Michelle is a lover of the outdoors and a philanthropist at heart, she supports many community outreach programs and believes in the ethos of teaching a man to fish as opposed to simply giving them a fish. Her personal mantra is: “Make your presence known and your absence felt.”