Positioning for a Recovery

At the time of writing, COVID-19 infections globally are almost at 697,400. South Africa has just been put into an unprecedented lockdown, where the 1327th case is about to be recorded, and rising.

China, on the other hand, although now through the height of their lockdown with businesses starting to resume to some form of normalcy, continue to work to contain new (imported) cases. Ongoing testing, quarantine and social distancing protocols are still in place, with revised travel restrictions released early this week. This is indeed a lockdown of great magnitude, make no mistake this is a global crisis.

By now you will have read countless opinions on remaining calm, keeping a cool head and not selling into the panic. This is all sensible and sound advice. But just because you shouldn’t be responding to the drama by indiscriminately liquidating your investments, there is no guarantee that you’re currently positioned to take advantage of the recovery.

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that you scrutinize your current portfolio and critically assess your asset allocation and positioning as we look ahead to a future with COVID-19.

Here are some basic quantitative and qualitative aspects that you should consider:

– Proven track record over time

– Management

– Diversification

– Optimal asset allocation

– Transparent and fair fees

Austen Morris Associates continues to engage regularly with our investment partners and professionals around the globe to keep up to speed on events and how they are driving markets. While we do not believe in ‘selling into the panic’, we remain mindful of our portfolio positions and will take any appropriate action we feel will benefit our clients in the long run.

The above gives us keen insight into which portfolios are best positioned for superior future returns. And, simply put, we’d like to share this with you.

For an assessment of your current holdings or to find out more about how to position yourself for better returns during the recovery, please send us a message or email: ama.marketing@austenmorris.com to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled Consultants.

We continue to serve you during the shutdown period and are available for teleconferencing or video virtual meetings. Get in touch today, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and potentially much to gain.


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