How to Earn in the International Stock Markets?

How to Earn in the International Stock Markets?

How to Earn in the International Stock Markets? 250 244 AMA Team

“It’s too risky for me. You cannot earn with stocks!”
Kirk McArdle, independent financial consultant, on what to look for in the current stock markets on Expat Living:
Stock markets. Two words that most people think rule the world. Well, when it comes to looking for assets that can give great returns, then the stock markets are where you can find these returns. I am going to give you a couple of picks with companies that you would have heard of and a couple that you will more than likely be unknown to most readers. Yep, only four stocks. I am not going to give away all my secrets now am I!
 Blue chip hot picks
Apple. Not the fruit but the company! Apple is one of those corporations that everyone knows, and most readers will own one of their products. “But why would I invest in a company that is almost at a market value of $750 Billion USD?” may be your question.
Answer: The Apple share price in 2014 alone went up by 39%, plus the happy investors could add the generous dividend paid out by the company to their assets! And so far this year we are looking at an 18% increase, in the first few monthy of 2015! This will only keep going and Apple is on its way to become the first Trillion USD valued company.
Walt Disney. Not just theme parks and the Frozen film my friends! Did you know that Walt Disney owns the Marvel franchise? Every Iron ManCaptain America and Avengers film that comes out is produced by the Walt Disney Company. Box offices and DVD sales will bring in a few Billions of USD, which of course will help to increase the value of the company tremendously, too.
And there’s more. Walt Disney purchased LucasArts and LucasFilms from George Lucas in 2012 for just over $4 Billion USD, and five new Star Wars films are coming out each year starting this December. Now Star Wars is responsible for placing the term “Merchandise” in most dictionaries, back in 1977. Can you imagine what with these two franchises alone will do to a share price that gained 23% in 2014? An increase of 17% so far this year! 
I’m sure you will want to search the Internet yourself to see if I am being true with my figures for these!
CyberArk Securities. This company specialises in the cyber security technology and threat analysis for large blue chip companies typically in the financial, energy and healthcare sectors. We all know about viruses that can cause mayhem on our own computers, so most of us have low cost virus protection software installed. Now on a corporate level this problem calls for specialised services and CyberArk is one of the very best. A 59% YTD return (5 and a bit months!) and an 8,218% in the last one year! (I did say that you were going to check the Internet didn’t I!)
Skyworks Solutions. This is a semiconductor company based in USA that manufactures radio frequency filters for smart phones and wireless equipment. This company is at the forefront of “The internet of things” that will have all aspects of our lives, homes, work and data connected via our wireless devices. This stock has returned 41% so far this year! 155% return in the last year.
So how can I invest in these stocks?
Well, you have to have the investment vehicle or platform to be able to access these and other stocks. One must also bear in mind that it is imperative that any stocks in a portfolio are closely monitored and that you can sell and buy in a straight forward and easy manner, as stock prices are driven by information and investor sentiment.
At Austen Morris Associates we specialize in helping individuals reach their personal financial targets, and there is no one investment that fits everyone. That’s why we like to sit down and talk to our potential clients about their own private situation and to see if we can be of benefit.
If you would like an introduction to Austen Morris Associates and to find out how we can help with asset planning, then please do contact me on +27 11 514 0745 or at

Kirk McArdle, independent financial consultant at Austen Morris Associates (AMA).

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