Where are you in life?

Have you thought about the different stages of your financial life? From your early 20’s, when you start a retirement plan to have a child, education costs for international residents and buying a second home. Our five-page guide will help you to stay on track. Fill in your information and we will email you the guide.

Visit one of our licensed city centre offices and you will be warmly welcomed and introduced to your dedicated Consultant. During this first meeting, your Consultant will help identify where you are today and where you want to be over the months and years ahead. Once your objectives are clear, planning for financial security and success begins.

After the first consultation, your Consultant will provide sound advice, which will offer the best approach for your unique requirements, utilising the entire resources of Austen Morris Associates and our team of dedicated researchers. Once completed, the report will be delivered to you in preparation for your second consultation.

The main objective for the second consultation is to answer any questions you or your partner may have regarding the recommended plan we will begin the path to your financial security.
You will have now taken the most important step towards achieving financial security and independence. If for any reason additional information is required or your circumstances change, we will arrange to meet again until your new needs are satisfied.

With your personal Consultant, we will constantly monitor the progress towards the achievement of your goals and inform you of any new financial opportunities. You will have access to the details of your investment and a quarterly review through the Wealth Management Service. Unlike many other institutions, the Wealth Management Service provides a unique ongoing service provided to all our clients, large or small, with additional options available for the more active investor.


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