Community Center Shanghai 2011 Fundraising Gala

Austen Morris Associates sponsored the 3rd Annual Fundraising Gala to support our Bund Level Corporate Sponsors, Community Center Shanghai. Over 250 guests joined representative, Senior Partner Wade Dawson along with his team at the Community Center Shanghai’s 2011 Gala – an annual glittering fundraising event at the Fairmont Peace Hotel on the Bund.
Themed on the 1940’s hit movie Casablanca, the evening included not only ‘the usual suspects’ – international school staff, healthcare providers, financial sector and multinational company heads, but also newly arrived expatriates looking for like-minded comrades. With ladies in gorgeous flowing gowns or head-dresses, and men in white suits and hats against a backdrop of swing dancing, jazz music, and wine all guests felt as if they had taken a time machine back to the days of old Shanghai.
The events of the evening included swing dancing demonstrations by Robin and Eva, a Humphrey Bogart look-alike competition won by Todd McKean from Viking Range Corporation, an exciting live auction led by Wade Dawson and Pentair Executive Bill Dunn. There were also a range of silent auction items and raffles. Wade was not only the host of the Live Auction, but also the lucky winner of the VIP day out on the F1 Track with Lamborghini. The evening raised much-needed funds for Community Center programs and charities.
Some memorable quotes from the night:
“I spent a great night with my colleagues and saw my boss attempting a ridiculous Humphrey Bogart impersonation, but that now makes me realize he is human after all.”
“It was an amazing night where we met two new expatriate couples, and we are going to continue to see each other. We also picked up some amazing antique furniture at a real bargain price – to start our China collection.”
“When we arrived in Shanghai 6 years ago, we knew no one, and there was no direction of how should we do this or that, but Community Center Shanghai was there and gave us directions and light. They provided us a giant shelter until we settled, and that’s why this is one of the ways that we show them back a bit of our support and appreciation.
A major highlight of the evening was the live auction item, a Lamborghini F1 circuit drive for two, which fetched a record auction price.
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