Chi Fan for Charity Shanghai organized by Austen Morris's 2014 Beneficiaries!

The Chi Fan for Charity Shanghai 2014 beneficiary vote finally came to a close at 6pm on Friday June 27th, and we are proud to say that thousands of votes were cast! This was an extremely pleasant surprise, and on behalf of the Austen Morris Associates organisers of Chi Fan for Charity, we deeply appreciate your enthusiasm and participation. After tallying up the votes, we have conclusively determined the organizations that will become this year’s charity beneficiaries! We are pleased to announce that Shanghai Young Bakers, Educating Girls of Rural China andHeart to Heart Shanghai will be receiving the funds raised from the 2014 Shanghai Chi Fan for Charity event on November 15th!
About Shanghai Young Bakers
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Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) provides a fully-sponsored French & Asian bakery training to disadvantaged Chinese youth. Due to the growing demand of bread on the Chinese market, SYB graduates easily find a stable, qualified job after graduation and pull themselves out of the poverty cycle. “Give an orphan some bread, you feed him for one day; teach him how to bake, you feed him for a lifetime!” At Shanghai Young Bakers, we are not only doing charity. By giving disadvantaged youth the opportunity to learn a valuable skill, we empower them to lead independent lives and help others in return.
About Educating Girls of Rural China
Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 11.06.42 AMEducating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) is a registered charity dedicated to helping young women from rural areas of Western China to obtain an education. EGRC believes that educated women will have educated children; educating women is the key to make our world a better place.
Since 2005 EGRC has awarded a total of 435 university and high school sponsorships and the students have achieved 100% graduation rate. Not only does EGRC help to provide the financial means for these well deserving and promising students’ educations, but in the last years, mentoring programs between graduates and younger students have also been set up in order to foster a spirit of connectedness between these young women, as well as to ensure the longevity of the organization. Now EGRC receives donations from its graduates every year and first time employed a graduate in 2014.
About Heart to Heart Shanghai
IMG_7193Is a Shanghai-based non-prot community outreach organization. We are composed entirely of volunteers who donate time and support to children from extremely poor families who are undergoing heart surgery. Heart to Heart benefactors also give financial assistance to rural Chinese schools that require libraries and other essentials. Our Motto: Life saving. Life changing. Life enhancing.
Heart to Heart Shanghai is a hands-on group. We started in 2003 by conducting hospital play sessions one day a week in one hospital, but have grown greatly in scope. We now conduct hospital play sessions seven days a week in two local Shanghai hospitals (Yodak Cardio Thoracic Hospital in Puxi and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center in Pudong). All of our community outreach projects have stemmed from our close involvement with hospitalized children receiving remedial heart surgery.
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Again, there were thousands of votes cast, and the competition for the top three spots proved to be very tight, so rest assured that there is ample supply of support here in Shanghai for all charity organizations. We look forward to, and welcome all applicants to stay in touch and get involved again next year! The work you all do is truly invaluable to our community.
As we continue gearing up for this year’s event, there are many other ways to get involved. We have already received a lot of feedback from those eager to contribute – the more the merrier!
On behaf of Austen Morris Associates, we thank you again for your votes and enthusiastic support!


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