Barcelona, property that pays dividends

Barcelona: a property investment opportunity that pays dividends.

Global investment markets are increasingly volatile and investors are understandably concerned for the security of their investments. In these uncertain times Austen Morris Associates is proud of the strategic options being provided by our experienced team of global investment Consultants.

Barcelona-Property2In our view, where there is volatility, there is always opportunity. One such area of opportunity to investors is in property.

With the exception of Central London, which has now peaked, the past few years have been sobering for global property. Falling house prices have torpedoed markets and undermined confidence all over the world. It is natural that this would create concerns for anyone considering an overseas property investment.

Yet, there are a number of cities where investing now looks far more attractive than it has since the 2008 financial collapse.

Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital in Spain’s Catalonia region, is an excellent example of a market that has nosedived, but now shows strong signs of bottoming out and offering good value that we believe will give you a good level of return and capital growth.

Barcelona-PropertyWith the Spanish government pursuing overseas buyers, this looks like the perfect time to invest in property in order to own or rent it out to tenants in this landmark European city.

Matthew Riddington, Partner at Austen Morris Associates explains:

“Barcelona represents a very good opportunity for investors looking at buy-to-let property investments. There are strong indicators that we’re seeing that make this true; Spain was one of the countries most affected by the financial crisis, leaving both the housing market and the currency highly undervalued. Property prices have fallen 35% since 2008. However, Barcelona still has a very reliable rental market, with demand meaning most properties being leased within weeks of purchase. We are recommending Barcelona to our clients as an excellent opportunity for returns.”

Barcelona remains one of the more dynamic and exciting places to live and work in Europe. Stylish two-bedroom apartments in classic buildings in the city are available for about EUR 200,000.

“We are seeing a broad range of clients investing in property for rental in Barcelona,” says Matthew Riddington. “With a typical 5% rental yield and low cost mortgages allowing borrowing up to 70% of property value, investments could start as low as EUR 100,000, this is a very accessible opportunity for our clients.”

Example: Barcelona property investment opportunity:

  •  Target price range EUR 200,000 to EUR 500,000
  •  Fully managed proposition
  •  Buy and hold 5 to 10 years
  •  Target rental yield 5% p.a.
  •  Target growth 5% to 10% p.a. excluding rental income.
  •  Leverage/Mortgaging 70% maximum

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