Austen Morris Associates sponsors Beacon of Loves' Charity Carnival

On Saturday, November 10, Beacon of Love held their 11th annual Charity Carnival, “Love Without Boundaries.” Austen Morris Associates attended and supported this great cause held at Shanghai’s Millennium Hotel. The family fun day was full of acrobats, puppet shows, dancing, raffle prizes and tons of games for the children.
The Beacon of Love’s Carnival’s goal was to continue to promote awareness and raise money for children with congenital heart disease. Founded in 2002, Beacon of Love has helped over 96 children by raising over 4.3 million rmb. Their annual carnival helps Beacon of Love strive towards their vision of “The Gift of Normal Life.”
Formerly The Charity Carnival, Beacon of Love is dedicated to create public awareness on the plight of children suffering from congenital heart disease in China. Since 2002, by hosting their annual Charity Carnival event and in partnership with the Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation, they have helped finance the surgeries with their commitment to improve as many lives of children as they can, to also improve the lives of many families. They believe “We help one child, We help the whole family”, therefore, “The Gift of a Normal Life“ today continues to be their vision as they strive to raise funds to support the heart operations of needy children across China.
Along with this year’s carnival, Beacon of Love is one of Chi Fan for Charity and Austen Morris Associates chosen beneficiaries. This upcoming event will allow even more of China’s children to fight their heart disease.


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