Austen Morris Associates participated in a field trip to Jinagsu Province

Austen Morris Associates participated in a four-day field trip where Heart to Heart donated libraries and visited previous beneficiaries of our main CSR project, Chi Fan For Charity. On September 12th we visited Chen Wenyu (sponsored by Chi Fan for Charity 2011) through the Heart to Heart Field Trip to Jiangsu Province. Field trips are a great way to meet Heart to Heart supporters, meet our sponsored children in their homes, see new aspects of life in China, and understand why we have such a strong commitment to our organization, our goals, and our sponsored children.
Cheng Yu Qian was born premature in the province An Hui. While she was treated for pneumonia at the local hospital, she was also diagnosed with CHD when she was only 6 months old. The father tries to work part time, but with medial education there are not many opportunities for him in the village. They have also recently lost their house and are currently living with an uncle. Additional traumas and health with grandparents have caused Yu Qian mother to spiral into depression and she is currently being treated with chronic medication. Hopefully the surgery for little Yu Qian helped relieve some of the stresses that her mother endures.


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