Austen Morris Associates is proud to join The Charity LINK project

Austen Morris Associates is proud to have joined the Charity LINK project who launched its first round table meeting on March 27th, at Community Center Shanghai Pudong, with over 40 attendees. Representatives from NGO’s as well as from Corporations with CSR or volunteers were in attendance. The highlight of the March 27th Round Table was keynote Speaker, Miss. Katie Littlefield, Austen Morris Associates’ Head of Marketing, who gave a presentation on ―How to Fund Raise – From A Corporate Experience.
Miss. Littlefield drew from her years of experience working at Austen Morris Assocaties as a donor with charities, and gave insightful information on how corporations similar to Austen Morris Associates would look at charities’ fundraising requests, and upon what criteria corporations would determine how to give out funds.
At the end of presentation, all the attendees wanted a copy of her presentation, which Charity LINK eagerly sent out. At the same meeting, Giving Tree and River of Hearts also gave a presentation on their present Charity Initiatives.
For further information about Charity LINK events and membership signups, please contact them at
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