AMA Shanghai Christmas Party 2018


On Saturday the 8th of December 2018, the AMA Shanghai office celebrated in style at their annual Christmas Party. This year the Shanghai team and their partners were treated to a formal black-tie event at Three on The Bund venue in Shanghai, one of the city’s most prestigious destinations.

Managing Senior Partner, James Colclough, hosted the event and joined everybody for a glass of champagne at POP on the 7th Floor of Three on the Bund, where all could enjoy its glorious view over the Shanghai skyline.

Following the welcome drinks, we were led to the Whisper Lounge at TOTB (a members-only club) that was converted into a private dining room for the evening, especially for the AMA team party. The ceiling and walls are hand-painted with French patterns, vivid red fabrics rich in pattern and texture are used throughout the venue, coupled with restored original fireplaces from 1916, antique French furniture and the timber floor inspired by the Palace of Versaille, give an incredible amount of warmth and depth to space. This dramatic venue was matched by the delicious menu and beautiful table decor. making it the perfect venue for an intimate event.

Starting with either Smoked Salmon or Foie Gras, the soup course was a heartwarming Green curry-spiced Pumpkin, followed by either Wagu Beef or traditional Christmas Turkey. The final highlight of the meal was an amazingly Spiced Apple & Lemon Crumble and traditional flambé Christmas Pudding

In China, it is traditional celebrations for all guests to partake in a custom called “Ganbei”, which simply means to empty your glass in one. As each team member was celebrated for their amazing achievements in 2018, the tradition of Ganbei held strong.

With many of the Shanghai team working together for over a decade, the event was filled with genuine warmth and camaraderie.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and are looking forward to a spectacular 2019.



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