AMA Partner & Africa Regional Manager Ian Edwards, is keynote speaker at Livewell Villages Dementia Conversations.

AMA Partner & Africa Regional Manager Ian Edwards acted as keynote speaker at the Livewell Villages Dementia Conversations event in July. The core topic at the event was around the Financial Implications of Specialised Care.

Since 2011 the Livewell Group has been at the forefront of dementia and Alzheimer’s care in South Africa.  The Livewell Group are motivated by a personal and heartfelt concern for the dignity and care of our elders and their efforts continue to be encouraged by a strong market and the need for specialised individual care.

At Livewell Villages the residents benefit from a tranquil personal space as well as shared spaces which give a sense of belonging.  Residents enjoy specialist care facilities comprised of luxury suites and the attention of Livewell companions as well as personalised 24-hour care.  Livewell Villages constantly align themselves to global best practice in dementia care with their goal to become the South African leader in memory assisted care that is not only internationally current, but also known for its warmth and specialised care structures.

Activities are all specifically tailored to the individual with focus on creative, cognitive and sensory stimulation.  Their specialist Dementia and Alzheimer’s teams looks after every need including everything from nutrition to excursions, mental wellbeing and a content life in safe surroundings.

As a value added service Livewell Villages offer several support groups which are available online and face-to-face.  They are available in Gauteng, the Western Cape and across their various facilities.  As part of these support services they hold monthly events called “Livewell Dementia Conversations” to further support and guide their clients and their families through the emotional journey that a neurological diseases can bring.  The aim of these events is to equip families, spouses and care providers with ways to support themselves and each other when they face the issues that may come when a spouse or close family member is diagnosed with dementia.

“Sometimes all a participant in the group needs is for someone to listen,” says Susan Swanepoel the Quality of Life manager at Livewell Village, Somerset West.

Mr. Edwards, delivered an insightful presentation on the Importance of Financial Planning & and the financial implications our clients could potentially face when diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disease such as dementia.

The presentation introduced AMA Africa and the way it can add value for our clients through holistic financial planning.  Mr. Edwards covered a range of topics relating to the importance and need for adequate financial planning.  Mr Edwards and AMA Africa believe that this information will enable guests to start making informed decisions about their finances and provided them with an invaluable insight on how to structure and plan for their financial future.  Mr. Edwards highlighted the relevance of asking yourself the right questions and making adequate provision for financial unknowns that may effect us all in the future.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and AMA Africa would like to thank Shaun, Santie and the entire Livewell Bryanston team for hosting this wonderful event.  AMA Africa looks forward to maintaining a strong strategic partnership with the Livewell Group and collaborating with them on future events.

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