AMA Founding Partner's New Year's Message 2018

Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends

Happy New Year!

It’s widely accepted that as we get more experienced in life, time seems to pass more quickly. Having said that, I’m astonished by how quickly 2017 has passed by.

I am very proud to be part of a company that has achieved so much over the last 12-month period. It has been an absolute pleasure meeting so many Austen Morris Associates Global (AMA Global) clients this year at either Private Client Dinners” or at various social events around the world. As we enter our 24th year in business I want to express my sincere gratitude to all those clients that have continued to build their relationship with AMA Global by either taking advice on Financial Planning or taking advantage of the Wealth Management Services that AMA Global provides for ongoing Portfolio Management.

Thank you once again to all our clients spread across the world who have entrusted AMA Global in helping them to achieve their financial plans, goals and successful investment of their wealth. As a company, we are humbled that over 55% of our global business in 2017 was repeat-business or recommendation business from existing clients, with a significant value of new wealth entrusted through AMA Global mainly through lump-sum, regular savings, healthcare and property investment.

In August last year, I was asked by a relatively new client “what is AMA Global doing differently to other brokers to allow it to thrive, and to have not been swallowed up, bought out or amalgamated with another company?” This particular client had employed the services of 4 other brokers before joining AMA Global as a client and had seen other companies rebrand, be taken over or simply disappear.

If I had been asked this question a decade ago I would have simply said: “surround yourself with people that are the best at what they do (and fill the gap of the weaknesses that you have as an individual) and then work as hard and as smart as you can”. However, 10 years on, like many industries, Financial Services has had a full facelift.  There have been significant changes when it comes to transparency, fees, and the quality of the consultants and the advice given, but also widespread regulatory and legal changes.

My answer to the client and his wife was to embrace change, regulatory or otherwise. Look for the positives that change always creates; do not procrastinate; be forward-thinking and implement yours and other people’s ideas. Obviously, the advice from a decade ago still applies – have very talented and loyal people within the group – not just in the top positions, but across the entire company. Finally, work as hard and as smart as you can.

We are very fortunate at Austen Morris Associates Global to have 1 Associate Partner – Mr. Ian Edwards, 1 Partner –  Mr. Alan Vassallo, 3 Senior Partners – Mr. Jon Holand, Mr. William Coppin and Mr. Matthew Riddington and of course our Managing Senior Partner Mr. James Colclough. Between these Gentlemen we have a very talented, diversified skill set and over 85 years of financial experience and expertise. Last but not least, any company is only as good as its administrative team, which is managed by Philip Morris – Director, who has over 10 years service within AMA Global.

2017 was a very interesting year for the company. In South Africa, the company has experienced significant growth. This led to Johannesburg doubling its current office space and Cape Town moving into larger offices. In addition, AMA welcomed Mr Brett Taylor, our new Regional Manager for South Africa, who is instrumental in driving this region forward. Even with the dramatic growth that AMA Global has seen in Africa during 2017, Asia continues to be a key region for the company with 24 years presence in the region. As such we have undertaken a full refurbishment in our flagship office in Shanghai while continuing to develop the services offered in the Philippines by of Manila office. A further 41 new people joined the AMA Global family across all of our offices in various key roles and we warmly welcome them to the group.

2018 is going to be a very exciting year for the whole of AMA Global. In both Africa and Asia, we have new Consultants who have already accepted offers of employment and will be joining us in 2018. Also, as a company we have continued to invest heavily in our client services function in both personnel and infrastructure, which will lead to some exciting developments being unveiled to our clients later in 2018.

All of the above was and is only sustainable due to the support of our key business partners, the exceptional people that have chosen to call AMA Global their workplace, and of course the clients that have employed AMA Global services over the past 24 years.

On behalf of all the Partners,

I wish our clients, business partners and friends a fantastic, prosperous and above all else, healthy 2018.

Best regards,

Greg Morris

Founding Senior Partner


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