AMA and Alquity Transform Lives

At Austen Morris Associates, we believe it is remarkably important to utilize our privilege to help raise up those around us. We feel that with the pursuit of profit through investments comes the responsibility to give something back to the community around us. We are excited to share that our work together with AfriKids on the Alquity Africa Fund has helped to transform and improve the lives of 335 individuals! The goal is to provide long term support for young people to build secure futures and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.
We would like to share the story of one of these individuals, Clementina, to display exactly what we’re so excited about producing through this partnership:
Clementina is a widow at 28, with 3 young children to support. She has wanted to be a nurse ever since she saw how the local nurses helped her mother when giving birth to her young sister, and inspired by the efforts they made to save her life she resolved to make this her career. She first gained admission to Nursing School in 2015, but not long afterwards her husband became sick and passed away, leaving her unable to finance her school place. It was then that her village elder referred her to AfriKids for a professional training loan – giving her hope again after years of struggle. Clementina will fully qualify is 2017, and cannot wait to start serving the communities where she grew up.
A big thank you to Alquity for partnering with us in this extraordinary endeavor!


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