AMA Artificial Intelligence Insight Session

On Thursday the 30th of May 2019 Austen Morris Associates partnered with Sanlam Global Investment Solutions to host another informative Investment Insight Session in the prestigious China Overseas Center in Shanghai, the topic – Artificial Intelligence, The Future of Investing, today!

Our guests enjoyed light snacks with a selection of drinks in the lounge area.  Following on, our guests headed to the conference room where Senior Partner, Jon Holand introduced himself and provided a brief overview of AMA and our 25-year history, touching on the products and services we offer and how we add value to our clients with regards to their personal savings and investment goals for the future.

Keynote speaker for the event was Gideon Nell, Global Head of Business Development at Sanlam Global Investment Solutions. Gideon joined Sanlam in June 2014 to manage business development of the international investments businesses. Prior to joining Sanlam, Gideon spent 5 years as a partner at Armstrong Investment Managers LLP, focusing on research, corporate strategy and business development.

Gideon provided our guests with an insight into where the world of investment has come in this 4th industrial revolution, the technological age, where everything is interconnected and the current uses and applications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning within the Investment space. He specifically focused on how Artificial Intelligence is changing the investment landscape and what new capabilities and opportunities are available to investors and wealth managers when using Artificial Intelligence in relation to portfolio management and investment selection.

The sheer magnitude of data analysis generated through AI analysts is truly remarkable, Gideon introduced our guests to the Sanlam Managed Risk UCITS Fund, which is 100% driven by Artificial Intelligence, the aim and purpose of this fund is to deliver total returns in excess of global equities (MSCI World) over a market cycle while minimising capital loss and time in a low risk environment.

The technological age is moving at a rapid pace and the future of possibilities for mankind is truly exciting. Our guests were thoroughly engaged and happy to gain invaluable insight into this new sector within the industry.

We look forward to hosting more Investment Insight Sessions in the near future.  If you would like to learn more about this session or any other please do contact us on


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