Alternative Investments

Land Banking
Along with the growing market-oriented economy, land banking has become a possible investment option for those looking to diversify your portfolio. Land banking is a practice that allows investors to buy holding rights to vacant, abandoned, and tax-foreclosed property. Rather than purchasing the land outright and paying interest every year, you can simply purchase an option to control these assets with no extra fixed fees. Did you know that all of the profits from selling a piece of property at a higher value come purely back to you? If you are looking for a long-term asset option with an average investment period of 5-10 years, land banking may be the right investment for you.
Lump-Sum Investments
Do you have a lump sum of cash but don’t know what to invest with it? If you are looking to maximize your wealth over a long duration, lump-sum investments may be a possible investment option for you. Unlike the dollar-cost averaging method, in which you have to pay regular instalments every given period, lump-sum investments are single cash payments for ownership of a particular asset. Often, lump sums are being put to use in a variety of assets, including retirement pensions, stocks, portfolio funds, etc. Who knew that you could rely on a one-time lump sum payments as a viable strategy to gain high expected returns.

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