About Austen Morris Africa
Austen Morris Associates established an office in Africa in July 2013. Our Headquarters are based in South Africa in the city of Johannesburg. The partners realised it made financial sense to have a presence in the world’s fastest growing continent. We plan to continue to expand our offshore private wealth management services across the continent in the years to come. South African exchange controls have continued to liberalise and more individuals are recognizing that there are solid investment gains to be made in the international market. South Africa was the logical place to open our first African operations. We see continued growing demand for individuals across Africa looking offshore in search of better returns.
We continue to provide a continuity of independent financial advice, various offshore product solutions, and personalised service. Our strength is our active and ongoing investment management, personalised service, and online ease of access for our clients. We offer continual investment management and service upon any global relocation for those clients that move in the future. We also offer local investment advice, are an authorised financial services provider, and have long standing institutional relationships with all the major South African financial companies onshore. Our twenty years of experience and expertise in financial planning, investment strategy, and investment management allows us to match our client’s needs, their investment goals, and their risk tolerance with an international portfolio that is right for them.
Austen Morris Associates offers the unique opportunity for expatriates and locals to benefit from a wealth of investment experience. Our investors benefit from our 20 years of industry experience, unparalleled client servicing, and the support of investment professionals across the globe. Austen Morris Associates will help our clients in Africa grow their wealth and will support their evolving wealth management needs. We will work to continue to provide the same quality international investment opportunities to all of our investors in Africa.

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