Business Standards Committee

In line with our commitment to standards, our Board has issued regulations setting out the principles, which should govern the conduct of all employees, and laying down a model Code of Business Conduct for Members of staff.
The Company has adopted those principles and that model code.
Principle 1: Client-First: 
Always place the client’s interests before personal or company gain.
Principle 2: Integrity: 
Always be open and honest. Our clients place us in a position of trust based on our personal integrity.
Principle 3: Objectivity: 
Always exercise your professional judgement with impartiality.
Principle 4: Fairness: 
Always be fair and responsible. Always disclose any conflicts of interest.
Principle 5: Professionalism: 
Always be responsive to the client’s requests and conduct oneself with dignity showing respect to all.
Principle 6: Competence: 
Always seek to develop and increase your capabilities, skills and knowledge.
Principle 7: Confidentiality: 
Always protect the confidentiality of client information.
Principle 8: Diligence: 
Always take pride in planning, be rigorous and timely in the execution of our professional services.

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