About Austen Morris Africa
in July 2013 Austen Morris Associates established a presence in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Today, Austen Morris Associates Africa’s principal activity focusses on presenting global opportunities to investors across the African continent. Business is managed out of Johannesburg, complimented by our consultants, customer service managers and specialists who can tailor made international products to all African-based clientele. South Africa is a fully regulated banking and investment market.
20 Year Heritage, Global Presence and Local Expertise.
Austen Morris Associates global network offers the unique opportunity for expatriates and African nationals to benefit from a wealth of experience combined with a global perspective and local expertise.
Offering a plethora of investment opportunities including regular savings plans, structure notes, alternative assets investment both locally and overseas. Benefit from Austen Morris Services 20 years of experience, unparalleled client servicing and the support of investment professionals across the globe.
As global markets increasingly continue to change, Austen Morris Associates can help you navigate this ever-changing international investment landscape. It is critical to have a wide perspective of how the investment world operates, now and in the future.

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