2016 – Invested Together, Always.


2015 was an erratic year where some indexes fell 20%, rose 20%, and then fell 20% again. With the ongoing political and economic changes in Asia, Europe and the US, all we can expect is for things to continue to be volatile…

After the dip in growth at the end of 2015, can we really expect positive growth in 2016?

As Senior Partner, Jon Holand recommends: “Accept the obvious volatility and be open minded to the opportunities offered in a year that promises change. Whatever your goals, you might be surprised what opportunities there are for you in 2016.“

While questions abound so do opportunities.
1) In the coming year we will see a new US President – how will the markets respond?
2) There is the possibility of a Brexit – how will that change the dynamics in Europe?
3) Will the BRIC economies continue to stumble?
4) How will the world economy react to the somewhat controlled slow-down in China’s growth as the shift from a manufacturing, export driven economy to a consumer-led, domestic spending economy takes hold?
5) Will oil and metal prices stay at record lows?

This uncertain landscape needs to be skillfully navigated and the Austen Morris Associates’ team of experienced global investment Consultants are here to identify and create opportunities. Our team will deliver professional, independent, and specialized guidance needed in providing you with successful financial planning and wealth management services.

At Austen Morris Associates we provide our clients with investment opportunities satisfying both immediate and long-term goals, so get in touch today for a consultation; and together we can start this year off on the right foot.

Austen Morris Associates are a globally respected and successful International Financial Planning and Wealth Management Company
Founded in 1994 with offices in Asia and South Africa
150 employees globally
Independent, professional and specialise
Servicing clients across 75 countries and 6 continents
Managing alternative and traditional investments including retirement plans, mutual funds and trading platforms

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Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.15.13 PMSenior Partner Jon Holand, is a licensed financial planner in Hong Kong, which gives him the ability to help clients understand their goals and needs and then provide solutions. Jon offers wide-ranging financial planning solutions to clients while keeping his clients abreast of changes in the markets and recommending changes that enhance their investment returns. He currently gives advice to many high net-worth clients in China, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and other parts of the world on their financial planning needs. Providing each client with individualized solutions and first-class service, it’s no wonder that Jon is now in a position where all his clients are introduced to him by existing clients.

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